Dancing: poetry in motion

Tep Tep cover image

Tep Tep

Arriving a few days early in New Mexico, I hired a car and drove out into the valleys, forests and mesas north of Santa Fe. This is a form of preparation for me, for my time at SFI

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    Kiss of Life

    You gave me the kiss of life! Kiss of life... Sade remixed so wonderfully by Kaytranada

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      The Buzz

      About seven months ago, I was out on a dry lake bed with a few chums. We had a little project, an extra reason to get us up before sun-rise...

        Inside a dream cover image

        Inside a dream

        Chelsey and I visited a friend's pre-burn party. They had built their core camp infrastructure out of shipping containers and other kit, assembled it in a...

          Smoke and Mirrors cover image

          Smoke and Mirrors

          It only took me just over an hour to hike out to this point...